Pillow Dept.

— Est. 2010

Founded in 2010, the Pillow Department Guild’s mission is to organize and educate members and their Tandems (significant other) towards a better quality of life.
There are currently countless millions of affiliates throughout the entire span of the film industry’s departments, supporting virtually every occupation imaginable.

🤝 Our Goals

Remote Support

In the distance, we help our tandem with constant contact about the little things, long  one-way conversations where they think out loud about their day and video-conference 1-on-1s.
Care on Location

On location, we strive to remind our tandems of what it feels like to return ‘home’ after a long day. We set the menu, buy grocerries, cook home-made dishes they love and try to tidy the house when they’re not there.
Snugs + Smooches

The most important part: Sex.
There’s also the welcome home kisses, spooning at night, holding hands so people can see that significant others do exist... but first and foremost, sex.

📝 Testimonials

Here’s what our guild members have said about their role in the department.
“We count down the days until my next job. Being able to support them makes me happy.”

Dawn Hingston, Tenet (2019)

“My wife works on location for the Transport department. With every job we both get to see the world.”

Rafa Torres, Avengers End Game (2018)

🎬 Represent

back of custom tee for Tenet (2019)
We’re working out the details to be able to offer you our Welcome Pack tshirt and tote bag

In the meantime we can get you some Pillow Dept. tshirts for your latest film!

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